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Welcome to My Digital Garden

Hey everyone, welcome to my website! I'm spotlighting a photo from when I was 27, but I'm actually setting up this website at age 30. Well, exactly a week before my 30th birthday. This website is a bit of snapshot of who I am at the start of this new decade.

Who I am at this moment in time is this: I'm really inspired by a technology called Roam. It's what powers this website. Roam is a software for visualizing your thoughts and viewing the themes and networked relationships that connect your thoughts to each other. There's a community of people on the Internet called digital gardeners who curate their thoughts in a Roam-like way and make something beautiful out of the final product.

I say Roam-like because Roam is only one possible software that could be used to carry this out. There's Notion, Obsidian, and others -- you could even design your own code and build the website from scratch yourself. While I love to write code, I chose the easy option in this case and set my page up through Roam and one of its sister sites, Roam.Garden.

I think what excites me about the idea of viewing the implicit themes in your ideas is that the act of collecting and organizing your thoughts can actually create new themes that weren't there before. I'm halfway through a library science masters degree right now, and we're learning all about the value of organizing and ordering information. One of my favorite concepts from lecture is the Stripling cycle of inquiry. It's a process of questioning where you set research questions, pursue the answer, and reflect on the answers you've found until you reach an "aha moment"--a moment of inspiration that comes from outside you, where you're genuinely surprised to be interacting with a new, unexpected idea.

How Roam Has Changed My Life -- this is sort of a blog record of my journey through personal knowledge management (PKM) culture, productivity culture, zettelkasten culture -- whatever you want to call it.